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steve bloom   Artist Steve Bloom has the unique ability to combine his mastery of the most ancient printmaking techniques with the most contemporary processes to create his internationally renowned imagery.  As with most artists, Bloom is never content to work in one medium and has been exploring traditional painting techniques as well as his printmaking and digital imaging.

Bloom received his B.A. in Art with an emphasis in illustration from California State Fullerton. During graduate studies, Steve was hired to produce his limited edition etchings and serigraphs for an international art distribution company. Within six months, he had designed and set up a premier in-house printmaking studio. With the crème de la crème of resources and supplies at his disposal, Bloom produced editions that are collected all over the world.

“Working with renowned master printmakers and famous artists gave me experience that is priceless.” For example, speaking with Salvador Dali’s Atelier manager regarding embossing processes or discussing a ‘secret’ formula used by Picasso’s Atelier for copper plate etching, were very exciting moments for me.”

“Creating a serigraph for/with David Hockney in the late 80’s also stands out as a high point in my professional career.”

Years of professional experience has truly made Bloom a master chromist who understands color and its relationship to printing and painting.  A true pioneer of the digital art movement Steve was early on one of the few to have his digital creations hanging in galleries.  His stylized imagery reflects the emotion and movement he experiences in his appreciation of the musical and performing arts.

Bloom was an accomplished saxophone player following the footsteps of his renowned grandfather, Jerry Salone, and his mother, a jazz singer.  This provided his rich knowledge and appreciation of musical instruments and dance by being around it his entire childhood

Bloom recently received an award sponsored by the national endowment for the arts for the city of Reno, Nevada.

Also known for his Golf imagery, Bloom’s paintings hang in numerous country clubs and he is the tournament artist for several charity Golf tournaments creating signature hole images for the courses as well as mural sized oils for their clientele.

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