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Some Notes about the artwork

Art as, “An expression of an emotional response to life and life experiences”, is a common description of the visual arts and a uniquely appropriate description of the artwork of Artist Steve Bloom.

The works represented are mainly limited edition original prints.  With a few exceptions, these are not reproductions but only exist in the print medium.  

They are hand signed and numbered in editions ranging from 50 pieces to 200.

Some thoughts on my style...
"Most of my imagery is created to recreate an actual mood or feeling as much as giving the viewer a visual experience...
The movement and soft fluid edges, the non specific facial features, all are intentional to prompt the impression of a dreamlike moment....
If you're like me, and have experienced some of the moments represented by my work, you would likely agree they were often surreal or dream-like interludes...
My goal has always been to recreate the emotion of the moment rather than just a capturing of the image."

"One of the most difficult aspects of being an artist, whether visual or performing, is the finding or creation of our style...recognized at first notice is a sure sign of a styles' uniqueness.  Many years ago I was fortunate to have stumbled upon a style of working that allowed me a break in rendering up artwork that just represented images I liked, to images that expressed my longing for a feeling I had once gotten on stage...that dreamlike, in the moment, moment..."



Listed here are some Definitions of the artwork presented on the website and other techniques and processes which represent the creation and finished artwork.


Limited Edition:

A series of prints or pieces limited by a quantity and numbered individually to represent this quantity. Size, substrate or alteration may be factors in limited editions.


Original Print:

Most of Blooms artwork is created as an Original Print.  This can best be described with traditional printmaking and photographic descriptions.   A print made directly from an artist’s own woodcut, etching, or other original production, and printed  by the artist or under the artist’s supervision.  These prints are not considered reproductions.  Rather they are considered multiple originals…



A Print created using digital processes to reproduce an image.  Most often used for fine art and photographic reproduction. 



            An offset lithography process most often used for reproductions.  The Serio aspect is a silkscreen process applied to create textures and / or added color or effects.


Another Medium that is on the site are Original Oil Paintings.